Garage Door Motor Installation in the Salisbury, Cambridge & Berlin, MD Area

Upgrade Your Garage Door Motor or Opener

Choose 24/7 Garage Doors Service for all your garage door motor installation needs in Salisbury, Cambridge & Berlin, MD. We carry belt drive garage door motors that are quiet. We offer some refurbished options to save you money.

We also offer chain drive garage door motors. These are louder than belt drive models but are more cost-effective. We also offer side-mount motors for smaller garage doors.

We provide 24/7 tech support to help you use your garage door with ease. Best of all, we can walk you through simple fixes over the phone at no cost to you. Call 443-614-0156 today for more information.

Fun fact: We fixed Joe Biden's garage door motor!

3 reasons to get a new garage door opener

3 reasons to get a new garage door opener

Do you need a new garage door opener? Here are three reasons to consider a brand-new model:

  1. Open your garage door even if the power is out.
  2. Program your garage door system with remotes and keypads.
  3. Get push notifications to an app if you forget to close your door.
Call 443-614-0156 to get your new garage door opener in Salisbury, Cambridge & Berlin, MD.